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in order to be accepted and acceptable on Christian ground


Consider on the one hand all the questions arising from the integration of large muslim masses in France and Europe, and the subsequent difficulties that ensue. On the other hand, envision a recent interview of a muslim woman on Fox news, wearing her islamic scarf quite obviously and demanding, loud and clear, quite cleverly by the way, in front of my dear Bill O'Reilly, some additional acommodations "due" to muslims in order for them to practise their religion. This has made me reflect and ask myself some questions :

- How are so-called moderate muslims doing, when they only represent a VERY SMALL COMMUNITY in a western country, I mean a country with a western civilization and a christian religion ?

- How do they live ? How do they practise their religion ?

ANSWER : We do not see them, nor hear them, they create no turmoil, they are embedded in the population. They live and probably follow the precepts of their religion without anyone even noticing.
No difference with other religious group.

And this should become THE modele, and I would even say the absolute modele of muslim behaviour in our christian lands.
And I really do think that herein lies the key factor regarding our possibilities and our limits, as western countries, to border on or to cohabit with muslims can be found AT THAT POINT EXACTLY and nowhere else.

However, this is not what happens. And why ?

- On the one hand, we have a religion with an expansionist and conquering goal. Nobody will contradict me if I state that "basic" islam - and not only islamism - has one goal : spreading itself, vanquishing, and thus in the end establishing itself instead of the other religions. Whatever the means used !
- On the other hand, our western countries where those muslims come to live, United States, Europe, Canada, Australia ... are traditionnally Chistian countries.

- On the one side, in muslim countries, it is obvious that islam not only implies and imposes precepts for life but also intermingles with the political system itself, with the "charia" becoming the law for every muslim.
There, religion, foundation of private, public and political life itself invades all and search to expand EVERYWHERE. Proselyte by definition
- On the western side, the Christian countries are endowed with very specific values, like morals, frankness, respect for life, love of others, progress ... etc. And on these christian values, democratic and republican values have been grafted much more recently, all consistent with christian values. But religion isn't ruling our countries.

And what happens as soon as muslims reach an important number - I would even say a sufficient number ?

As soon as critical mass is reached to start occupying the terrain, the physical, visual, sound, media and other spaces ( all means being used ), one starts to notice an extremely important sign that one must be able to disclose, to be aware of in order to be able to thwart it. And this essential and important sign is DEMANDS.

More and more numerous they tend to change our traditional values to impose their own on us.
At that point : WARNING - DANGER !


They are of different kinds but all depend on a first magician's trick :

The freedom of practising one's religion for some, becomes the DUTY for all the others .

Because EXPOSED practice of islam is a basic way to occupy the ground. Whatever the consequences may be, even if it's to the detriment of the customs, habits, conventions and traditions of the local, basic and major populations of our free countries.

No problem ! Islam uses the freedom of our countries by drawing on all the possible arsenal that our dearly gained liberties give them the possibility to do.

This finally brings about an islam that develops, grows and multiplies itself quietly on the fertile compost of our liberties, but - for there is a but - : our own freedom to be hindered or chocked by certain practices of conquering islam is completely conjured away, denied. It becomes a mere background and this freedom to feel offended by islam, which is also one of our fundamental rights, diminishes and melts like snow in the sun little by little and unnoticed.

But what is really happening ?

- Wether we like it or not, we begin to notice the appearance of all the external signs of the muslim faith. Right from the start we are forced to view muslim women with -at first- a scarf on their heads, which becomes slightly larger and longer to finally completely cover their face ... These are all HIGHLY VISIBLE signs of adherence to islam ( and a very powerful symbol of the obligation for women to hide, to globally remain pure and not represent any temptation for men : in our free countries that intent to remain so, women are not treated that way and that is nobody else's business, after all, many of our dearly liberties having been gained at a high cost ... )

Why would our freedom to not have to look at these symbols of women that we do not recognize as belonging to our western values, not be recognized ?

We are allowed to be schocked by these obscurantism ways.

- Wether we like it or not, demands for worship or praying places, foot bathing, or the possibility to pray in the middle of the street is another urgent muslim demand. When entire streets in Marseille ( a city of the South of France ) are filled with muslims with their buttocks up in the air, busy praying in direction of Mecca, I'm sorry but that's spectacle that might not be what christians want to see the most. All these people, when they exist in small numbers, do not wash their feet on their job site, and do not pray with their bottocks up in the air, in the middle of the street. They wash their feet but at home. They pray but at home. Why then, when they become more numerous, do they suddenly feel the urge to pray out of their homes, to show they are praying ?

And why should our FREEDOM to not be bothered by this behaviour - that in no way corresponds to whatsoever in our culture, our habits, our traditions - not be as important as their RIGHT to practise ?

- Wether we like it or not, demands in France have started to appear concerning special operating hours of public spaces ( like swimming pools and other ), reserved for women. Why would something that was very costly to gain, i.e. the equality of treatment for both genders, be offered to one particular minority only ? What do men do if they want to swim at that time ? For a religious reason, the social rights of all citizen are being denigrated.

Freedom for the autochtons, where have you gone ? And for the RIGHTS of one and only religion, always the same one !

- Wether we like it or not, there are demands for female physicians reserved for female patients, and male physicians for men patients only. Why not truncated teachings ? what else is next ? Why not diplomas for men and diplomas for women too ?

In France, male physicians who treat female muslims patients are often threatened and risk dying at the hand of muslim husbands enraged because the physician dared touch their wife.

Where's our freedom in all that ? All for a religion so oppressive and that wants to dominate.Thus die our liberties a bit more.

- Wether we like it or not, demands have been made in France for the prohibition of ( females ) medical students to treat male patients : thus a man needing emergencty care will certainly die if a female physician was on guard during the night shift ...

Once again, where is our freedom ? For a gloomy and medieval religion, but always the same one !

- Wether we like it or not, demands have been made to force school caterings to serve "hallal" meat to muslim children. Before the number of muslims in France became too important, the school was THE place of integration for everybody, and served all kinds of food, to all pupils. And the little Jewish children just pushed away the pork to the edge of their plate when appropriate ...
In the case of muslims, OBLIGATIONS after the demands restrain the freedom of those who are not muslims, because both time and money have been invested in all of these demands and obligations that represent just as much time and money less for all the others.

Again, wether one likes it or not, islam wants to impose its law.
Now, according to you, what definition would best fit that behaviour ?

- When I returned to Mauritius, after a dozen years during which I hadn't traveled there, I was dismayed : this island which was a paradise on earth in the 90's has become islamic ground. With complete sound occupation : indeed at sunset, the muezzin through his microphone, decibels flying high, calls the faithful for the prayer, the volume pumped up at its maximum.

Absolutely horrible ! A genuine agression for non muslims. And, according to my knowledge, one still has the right not to be muslim in Mauritius.

What are non muslims supposed to do ? Wear headphones, close their ears ?

- Certainly. We live in democracies and everybody is free to practise his/her religion. But each and every individual also has the DUTY not to bother the others with his worship.

And on christian land, some muslim ways are not compatible with western traditions and I will refer only to the traditional throat-cutting of sheep, in the worst way possible, which is very common in our civilized counties.

- Freedom of religion is having the right to practise, not the right to censure the others, or change what pre-exists, under religious pretences.

The big sign that a muslim is " turning " and becomes dangerous is when he begins to want to change our customs, our habits, our christian traditions to impose his own.
And we will see the demands of those who are schocked and disturbed by OUR Christmas trees, OUR references to Christ, OUR crosses, OUR Bibles.
Just like this muslim politician recently elected in an American state, who did not want to swear on the Bible, but on the Qwran.

If in the islamic "democracies", republics or governments, an elected christian ( ... what an utopia ! ) could one day swear on the Bible, maybe we will be able to start to change our point of view ...

What about our own traditions and customs on islamic lands ?

When judeochristians will receive the same treatment on Islamic ground, we may maybe reconsider.
But I'm afraid that won't happen any time soon !


Little guide for muslims that want to be integrated, appreciated and liked in our countries of very ancient christian traditions

- 1 - Let them remain as discreet as they were in small numbers. Their religion, on christian soil, will be even more accepted if it remains discreet, invisible, not exposed, in the secrecy of its own intimacy. Let them keep going on ! That is the best way. That is the best behaviour of a moderate muslim.

- 2 - Let them be aware that we are in a state of alert : if a muslim starts to demand private rights specific to his religion, that means he's leaning to proselytism. And aims at imposing the charia. This is dangerous for our democracies.

And thus let him know that we will react. It is at this point, precisely, that the limit of islam in our countries is be found.

One has to oppose them an absolute "NO", I would even suggest that this should be written in the Constitution of ALL our western countries.

As soon as there is DEMAND, there is the danger of, in the end, ISLAMIZATION.

- 3 - And if muslims can not practise their religion as they would like to, and they feel frustrated, well here is a solutiom : there exists a great number of countries, of islamic areas, where they can practise with their bottocks up in the air, without disturbing any christian for whom it is a fundamental liberty not to have to endure that spectacle. They will be able to hear their muezzin call them for the evening prayer, without being disturbed by westeners, forced to cover up teir ears with their hands or to put headphones if they do not wish to hear the muezzin. Where women are free to cover themselves up as they wish and can be beaten if they want to.

No problem ! They are free to prefer these countries.

And let those muslims leave Christian believers in western countries without them having to demand more than what they already have and that suffices them : their religion of christian peace, without them having to endure the invasive external signs of another religion that to impose itself does not hesitate in its most extreme forms to use TERROR !

- 4 - Thus, moderate muslims, you will ALWAYS be free and welcome in our christian modern western civilization, and you will be free to practise your religion MODERATELY as long as you will remain ... moderate muslims.

And, please, to show us that you do not wish to harm our western civilization, that you do not want to impose your religion instead of ours, please send us a strong signal : do not have DEMANDS, especially religious ones.

And since you are moderate muslims, as soon as a terrorist attack happens, publicly withdraw your support from radical islam, claim your disapproval and your anger with this barbaric deviation of islam.

And we will love you like human brothers ...


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